Are you a fresh Business Process Analyst? Or maybe a seasoned BPM practitioner with many years of flowcharting experience?

No matter what is your background you must have heard about the BPMN as the new de facto standard for modeling processes. It can be used when you need to document your processes as a part of the project or when you need to automate your processes.

But if you did not participate in a BPMN course you may still feel a bit intimidated because:

a) BPMN specification has over 500 pages (half the size of “Gone with the wind” and a bit harder to read)

b) There are over 100 various symbols to learn and at first it is not obvious which are really useful

c) There are many resources in the Internet, but they are sometimes contradictory or even wrong

Fear not! In this course I will show you what are the most useful elements of BPMN you should start with and how to create easy to understand and maintain process diagrams.

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