BPMEEForum_ADSkissRaphael’s team is generally in chaos. They manage marketing campaigns for international companies across several industries. His team is very talented, but projects are often delayed and every day is a new emergency in handling exceptions, additions, approvals, and edits.

His team’s inboxes are constantly overflowing with messages from clients, vendors, and freelancers. Raphael has tried several options to streamline the flow of work at his office, but it never seems to stick. His team quickly abandons forms and checklists as soon as a client makes a change and they go back to manually managing the process.

Now, he’s looking to finally cure his problem with BPM.

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 Product Overview: 

KiSSFLOW is short for Keep it Smart and Simple workflow solution. It is a cloud-based BPM tool that helps users create, modify, and track automated business processes. Because of its ease of use and popularity among all types of businesses, KiSSFLOW is ranked among the top business process management (BPM) tools in the G Suite Marketplace. It has more than 50 pre-built apps for users to choose from, or they can create their custom app to launch a new process.

    "It has a human-centric design, meaning you can use this BPM 
     solution to build workflows as you think about them in your 
     mind, and not with complicated mapping. KiSSFLOW also has 
     well-designed mobile apps for iOS and Android. Users can get
     started with a free 14-day trial to test KiSSFLOW for their
     BPM purpose"