Gero is co-founder and CEO of Signavio, a Berlin-based software vendor specialized in Business Process Management (BPM), Business Decision Management (BDM) and workflow automation. Gero holds a PhD in Business Process Management (BPM) from Hasso-Plattner-Institute in Potsdam, Germany. Previously, he has worked for Volkswagen, SAP and McKinsey.

Signavio has achieved amazing success in a short amount of time – can you tell us a little bit about it’s history?

The seed of what is now Signavio was planted during my and the other three founders’ time at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, near Berlin. Basically, it was the result of a university project we were working on together. It turned out businesses and governments were hungry for the simple, intuitive BPM solution we’d created. We picked up some large clients very early on which ensured all developments and further tools were highly attuned to the real needs of both public and private sector organizations. Over the last six years we’ve continued to refine the original tool (the Signavio Process Editor), as well as add further tools to compliment and advance business and government performance around the world. Our core value is creating software people love to use, and we’re very proud of the success we have seen so far. We have our clients to thank for that.

Moving on to BPM in Eastern Europe, in terms of technology solutions for managing business processes, Eastern Europe is an emerging market.  What do you see as the main benefits of BPM as a facilitator of compliance, performance, growth and innovation in Eastern Europe?

Well looking at Eastern Europe’s economic performance and activity over 2015, and the projections for 2016 the future looks bright! Across the region governments are increasing budgets and encouraging improvement of public services – increasing demand and expectations of public services and administrations.

Experience with our clients in the region, as well as other emerging markets around the world has proven effective implementation of BPM has a huge impact on the operational performance of both public and private organizations. Increasing efficiency, transparency, and accountability – these are the cornerstones of vibrant societies and economies. Building businesses and public services communities can rely on and trust. Our clients have also seen significant cost savings, both in terms of personnel and operations.

Given Eastern Europe’s emerging market status, what one feature of Signavio’s solution do you see as offering the greatest value to organizations in the region?

Implementing BPM projects across an organization can seem like an enormous undertaking, and it is. Signavio makes this painless as the tool is simple for process users, who might have no knowledge of BPM, and still offers all the functionality process experts would expect and require. It’s intuitiveness means that minimal training is required, so organizations can spend less time and money on training, and begin implementing right away.

This simplicity also applies at the organizational level. It doesn’t matter what level of maturity an organization has in BPM, even if it has been using Excel and Visio or nothing at all for its processes. Signavio’s tool adapts to any level of maturity, then supports organization’s BPM and other Business Transformation efforts as they develop their process maturity.

How can Signavio help modernize public administrations specifically?

Public investment in education and health facilities is a major stimulus of human capital formation. Unfortunately, public investment is also an area where glaring examples of inefficiency and un-productivity can often be found. This creates an exciting opportunity within public administrations to adopt a process-centric approach to make administrative processes effective, efficient, and strongly aligned to the requirements of the community. Signavio’s tool allows organizations to co-create processes across locations to ensure no detail or crucial piece of organizational knowledge is lost. Once benchmark processes are defined, Signavio offers many features to ensure agility and optimization, including the ability to monitor resource use and cost. The ease of accessibility and adaptability means the people carrying out the processes can be sure they are looking at the most up to date information at all times, while their supervisors can be confident work is being completed in a compliant, standard manner.

What’s next for Signavio?

At the end of 2015 Summit Partners, a global growth equity investors made a minority investment of €31 million in Signavio, to help expand globally and continue our growth trajectory. We take this as strong indication that what we are doing – our differentiated approach – is changing the way that our customers are optimizing and executing key strategic business initiatives. The team and myself are excited to continue our record of product innovation and further strengthening our sales and service capabilities around the world. You can read more here:

Bio: Signavio:

Signavio is a forward-thinking software company delivering value through intuitive and collaborative business process, decision, and workflow-automation tools.

Signavio puts people and processes at the core of your business – resulting in our exceptional global reputation in the BPM, BDM and workflow domains. Signavio’s tools enable your organisation with proven means to reduce risk, and realise competitive advantage. BAU operations, bold journeys towards innovative business models, or strategic alignment/transformation projects – Signavio will out-perform and satisfy, allowing you to do the same for your customer.

Signavio’s BPM offering, the Signavio Process Editor is designed to provide a simple, yet sophisticated business process modelling solution suitable for all levels of expertise, from beginner to specialist.

Available separately or integrated with the Process Editor are the Signavio Decision Manager, and Effektif. The Decision Manager gives you full control over your operations, and the ability to simulate decisions prior to roll-out. Effektif gives users process workflow in minutes, allowing for personalisation, collaboration and process automation. No programming skills required.

Signavio (from Segnavia, Italian for signpost) empowers your business to navigate an ever-changing business and regulatory environment, and to identify and capitalise on opportunities. Try it obligation free for 30 days.