What happens when a fledgling business outgrows its internal processes? More often than not, approvals are stalled, projects are delayed, tempers flare, and you find yourself in a war-like scenario.

The chaos described above is not too far from what was happening at GoldenLine, a business networking site. The Warsaw-based company was doing everything right to establish themselves as a powerful social media site for business people, especially in their stronghold of the Eastern European region. With a hundred employees under its wings and over two million profiles featured on its website, GoldenLine continues to grow its might as an emerging platform to connect promising employers with skilled employees.

Workflow and process management are quite important to our company because we are on the path of evolving from a medium company to a bigger one

A Case Of Orderless Workflows

Until about two years ago, GoldenLine didn’t have the best tools at their disposal to run their company workflows. GoldenLine’s Senior Analyst, Lukasz Wroblewski, recounts the plight of carrying out workflows on paper and how it frustrated the teams.

“There were more and more procedures, paper documents everyday,” Lukasz says, highlighting the irony of a web company shuffling through the paper piles of invoices, approvals, and contracts on a daily basis. The paper processes were fine when the company was smaller at its nascent stage, but the workflows failed to level up as their workloads doubled. Lukasz says the most annoying part about the paper-based processes was tracking down emails that were waiting for approvals.

At that point, the company started looking for a smart alternative that would automate their processes and help them overcome the daily tracking hassles. GoldenLine used Google Apps for Work as their go-to collaboration tool, so they required a flexible workflow platform to blend nicely with the their existing processes.

From 1 Week To 2 Hours

It didn’t take long for GoldenLine to discover KiSSFLOW as an obvious choice for automating their workflows. The cloud-based app came at a reasonable subscription fee, was pre-integrated with the Google Apps domain, and offered a simple user-friendly workflow interface.

Besides enabling the company teams to easily track and act on delayed processes, KiSSFLOW helped them save a ton of time and money. Lukasz said that on average, the pace of getting workflow approvals went down from one week to two hours!

After using KiSSFLOW for a few months, Lukasz had this to say about the platform:

Workflow and process management are quite important to our company because we are on the path of evolving from a medium company to a bigger one…KiSSFLOW helped us organize it in a convenient way which allowed us to resign from paper documents. People who use it on daily basis also can easily manage each steps even if they don’t have much time because of the simplicity of the software. Processing invoices were taking a week at GoldenLine, now it takes just about two hours with KiSSFLOW.

The Growing Scope Of Automation

After moving with KiSSFLOW to automate their integral processes like invoicing, contracting, and task approvals, the teams at GoldenLine were comfortable to extend their product usage to external processes, such as employee onboarding.

The process was in a mess and extremely time-consuming for the HR to carry out. They realized that they could benefit from KiSSFLOW’s interactive form design and easy layout to help new recruits quickly get on their foot to perform their jobs. It streamlined the hiring process that is happening at a rapid pace at GoldenLine and helped the HR better track every onboarding.

Organisations like GoldenLine have been smart in making the most of workflow automation. Kudos to Lukasz and his team at GoldenLine for having identified and understood the need of process automating in their line of business. GoldenLine is exploring every opportunity to make the most of their KiSSFLOW usage and leaving no stone unturned to make their workplace more efficient and up to speed.

Workflows are pivotal for all companies regardless of their size and process complexities. We hope other companies take cue from them and take their workflows on cloud to be more productive.