Written by Zbigniew Misiak (BPMTips.com) who represented BPM Eastern Europe as a delegate and BPM EE partner in Poland.
I had a pleasure to represent BPM Eastern Europe who was one of the media partners of this prestigious event.
Below you can find the highlights of the first day of the conference.
The whole event gathered hundreds of people in the Multikino Złote Tarasy (one of the largest multiplex cinemas in Poland), which added interesting perspective since one of the recurring topics during the conference was data privacy and Multikino heavily promoted movie “The Circle” touching this very topic.
The first day started strongly with an opening by Marcin Petrykowski, Dorota Zimnoch, in which they presented megatrends shaping our world in the age of the customer: democratization, globalization, sharing economy, digital communication,  disruption, human interface, and trust. They also inspired the audience with insights about information as a currency, automation, and digital generation mindset.
The next keynote speech “The Autonomous Internet Of Everything” by James Felton Keith covered topics such as speed of change, automation, data value, and protection (including GDPR).
What took place next was highly anticipated keynote speech by deputy prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki. He stressed that we should see new technologies as an opportunity for increasing productivity and giving people back time for culture and relations.
This thread was followed in a great speech by Ghela Boskovich (“Culture & Innovation FinTech Trends”). She urged the audience to abandon legacy systems and focus on human aspects (yes – hashtag #HumanTech was used) also citing very interesting story of a bank which quadrupled rate of completion for the credit forms by adding one sentence at the top (“It is going to take some time, so turn on your favourite music”).
Additional dose of inspiration was provided by Chris Skinner (“Fintech impact on future life”), Spriros K. Margaris (“Are you ready for the digital future?”) and the debate (“What is the future of human and where will it take us in 2020?”).
After the break, event diverged into 3 paths: FinTech, InsurTech, and Big Data filled with additional speeches and debates.
Interested in Technology and new trends? Make sure to follow more events of the organizer – MMC Polska.