Dmscloud is a new category of enterprise solutions that generate dynamic growth and effective collaboration. This modern tool integrates four aspects of operational processes in a clear interface – document management, collaboration, management of tasks and workflows.

This Friendly platform ensures that individuals, work groups, divisions and subsidiaries – and thereby the entire corporation – can develop more efficient and profitable operations.

Dmscloud applais the concept of “lean office” by providing real-time information on a smart screen, which is the key component of the system. In this way each employee can access relevant data he needs in his work, always at the appropriate time. In addition the application can be integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) and other systems.

Dmscloud provide advantageous and reliable solutions for manufacturers, companies in the construction and service providers face challenges in managing their projects and current operations.

Dmscloud Consultant Team provides professional information about how to optimize enterprise-wide collaboration, document management, tasks and workflows by synchronizing and linking these key areas of business operations to alert the business environment of today.

Dmscloud is one of the key products of DMS One Corporation, a software developer, distributor and consultant of document management solutions.

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