BPM in Healthcare, 2nd Ed.

    Foreword by Charles Webster MD

    This updated and expanded edition brings the reader the latest updates on this important sector of industry with completely new content, following the first edition.

    Hospitals, State entities and pharmaceutical companies continue to embrace BPM as a means to improve operational efficiency, achieve patient safety goals and positively influence the quality of care.

    This Book explores the opportunities BPM and workflow technology have to make a profound impact on patient care while examining the challenges that are present in the healthcare arena.

    This new Edition presents the collection of best and most important chapters on healthcare recently published in the annual BPM Handbook and Excellence in Practice series and our other publications.

    BPM’s promises are real, but the path to success is often littered with pitfalls and shortcuts to failure.

    This book is going to appeal to those getting into BPM in Healthcare and struggling to engage colleagues into the journey. It provides realistic and pragmatic guidance on how to approach BPM initiatives, along with a wide range of modern case studies developed by those who have undertaken real BPM programs.

    For those setting out on the BPM journey, you’ll find the direct guidance on business case development and ROI calculation examples particularly useful. Perhaps more importantly, the case study authors also share their real-world best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

    Best practices can help you avoid pitfalls. If you are just embarking on using its methods and tools, these authors have a wealth of experience to learn from and build on. Whether you are a business manager in an end-user environment, a supplier of BPM products or services, or a technology practitioner, this special collection of papers will provide valuable information about what BPM can do for you—and how to apply it.




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