In the following lines we are going to present an interview that we have taken to Mr. Radu Voicu, Entreprise Concept CEO, with whom we have spent a pleasant time together with the members of this young and enthusiastic team of Enterprise Concept.

Enterprise Concept is one of the few Romanian companies that for over 10 years is being focusing on the implementation of BPM solutions for decision making, process management, performance management and risk management.

Who Enterprise Concept is?

Enterprise Concept is is on the market since 2005. We deal with Business Process Management (BPM), both on the consulting zone and implementation and deployment technological projects. In this area we started and about this subjects we are going to deal in the future. These were the reasons why HEX IT acquired Enterprise Concept in 2015, this is the niche that work and the business expertise. Our customers include 100% of the private area, in fields such as retail, distribution, manufacturing. We focus primarily on the target of Enterprise, thats mean, large companies, because the BPM

RV2_2makes sense and adds value when processes are complex, when the number of employees is higher or when the rates and numbers are very high.

These are the areas where using BPM can make really huge savings.

Enterprise Concept is and Hex IT, which is a system integrator, now are operating as separate entities. IT Hex holds 100% Enterprise Concept is and it is possible that in the second half of the year, these two companies are going to merge and continue to operate as a single entity.

What were the milestones in the history of the last 12 years?

Obviously a first milestone was the establishment of the company in 2005 and another important milestone was its acquisition in 2015 by Hex IT. Another important milestone was the signature of contract with one of the largest player on the retailers sector in Romania, in 2008, this partnership continues today.

What solutions do you offer? What are the main vendors that you represent?

First of all, we provide our own solutions and services. We have an own BPM product, named Centric BPM. In addition, we have partnerships with several vendors such as Oracle with Hyperion Essbase and BI reporting and on the side of Hex IT we´ve got the skills on the Oracle HR: recruitment, employee assessment, etc. more or less, all that means the area of human resources but not the salary management.

We are also Microsoft partners for the Dynamics CRM and partner of McAfee and Imperva for security management. But these areas cover only approximative 25% of our turnover, the remaining 75% being provided by BPM.

Can you list some of the major projects that you’ve implemented or are working now?

As I said before, one of the main vertical we are specialized is retail, where we have a extensive experience, and I would say unique, in Romania. We have projects in the financial optimize logistics processes and usually projects area of the CFO: optimization of processes in the financial, CAPEX and OPEX optimization. We have projects in the distribution of campuses, supply chain management (SCM). We cover all involves optimizing procurement and supply chain of a company, and the sale and delivery. We have projects in the production area. Recently we won a project in the courier. We cover the campuses and commercial spaces.EC_logo

What is the Romanian project of which you are most pleased to implement in the past?

It’s hard to choose only one project, but I would like to mention the provider´s portal for communication with their partner in real time, automated and optimized. I want to mention the interaction with thousands of suppliers and a reduction in the processing time of an invoice from two days to three minutes. And what they have been making before 40 people manually, now is done automatically with just the supervision of only three people.

One of the great advantages of BPM, especially at this time when we are facing a shortage of skilled people is that, few people can cover a much larger volume of work.

How mature is the Romanian market for these kind of solutions? They arrived in the “must have” or may be continued as a proposal “nice to have”?

As time goes on, the things can not remain in the “nice to have”.

At least the experience of the last two years, we can say that large companies were already implemented solutions like ERP, CRM, Document Management, etc. The problem is that these solutions were implemented at different times, at the request of some executive director. Departments have been computerized vertically.

BPM resolves the things horizontally, puts them in context, make them work together. Cross-departmental processes are required to optimize activity. Profit margins are small so that process optimization can make the difference between your situation of profit or loss.

Romanian managers have begun to mature and understand that process optimization is required. For this reason I believe that the demand of BPM solutions will be increasingly higher on the Romanian market. BPM has become a competitive advantage.

Tell us a little about Centric BPM. Is a solution on premises or in the cloud? Feels a market orientation to the cloud and SaaS? Have you got request for projects on-premises? How the market evolves from this point of view?

Centric BPM can be implemented both on premises and in the cloud. Our customers, at least for now, prefers deployments on premises. Companies in the enterprise segment prefer to have implemented solution in there houses, and has the resources to hosts and to maintain. Feels a tendency to cloud, but less on the business solutions, both on the computing resources of storage.

What are the key differentiators of Enterprise Concept is (vs the competitor)?

The main differentiator is given by the people that we have and how to approach.

We have a department of consulting who works people of very high quality, former employees in companies of the Big Four, who have wide experience in the consulting process, not only modeling them but also on the recommendations of best practices and business advice.

In addition we make the implementation of the solution, which is something unusual in the Romanian market. Top Big Four companies provide the advice, but because the costs are very high, the companies doesn´t turn to them for the implementation stage.

We offer consulting services on the quality offered by the Top Big Four companies but plus the implementation at a cost that customers and can afford.

How was ended 2016 in terms of business? What are you planning for 2017? What priorities are you set for the next period?

The 2016 was a good year, we have doubled our turnover. For 2017 we plan an increase in turnover of 30%. We are going to invest in people. We currently have 50 people and we intend to reach 65 at the end of this year, and in the next 2-3 years we want to reach 100 people.

We plan also a diversifycation of industries, customers. We will try to expand into foreign markets.

And last but not least we want to invest in Education and training, for both our people and partners and as part of a internal staff training academy.