Potential productivity gains that can exceed a factor of 3, suppose a huge driving force that guides organization to consider the massive optimization and automation of their business processes through new procedural methodologies and technologies that have just recently reached sufficient maturity. However, in the way we are now beginning to go, and that will be the task of a full generation, there are brakes and barriers that abort not a few of the initiatives which are beginning to be undertaken. The recent emergence of new collaborative business models and forms of service of the automated business processes from the cloud at low monthly costs and on demand, without minimums or permanencies, open a threshold of hope to overcome difficulties and achieve the goal for all types of organizations, not just corporations and large companies but also small and medium size ones.

A collaborative BPaaS model as a support to self-sustaining process optimization-automation in our organizations, of any type, although sometimes they are not aware of it, work through processes, whether they are explicit, standardized and formal or, in many cases, especially in small and medium organizations, operated on a non- explicitly, nor standardized nor formal way but performed according to the particular form of work of each employee, and to the control and managing style each supervisor and manager is applying.

In most cases, these processes are carried on transactional and registration applications, forming isolated silos of content (data, documents, emails and other content) with little interaction between them, unless it is performed manually by the users, again on their own, without applying clear, formal, homogenous, reliably reported, transparent and auditable rules.

As we can see in the attached figure, we can say in short that, essentially, employees are the ones driving the Organization business processes, and to control and direct them to align their actions with corporate policies and standards represents an arduous, methodic and continued effort of its supervisors and managers, consuming them on it a large percentage of its valuable time and energy.

To be continue… see you soon!