Aquael, a manufacturer of aquarium sets, heaters, filters etc. present in over 100 countries worldwide, invests in EDI communication. A popular chain of pet stores chose the Infinite EDInet platform to improve the process of documents’ exchange with suppliers in Poland. The project covers also archiving of electronic invoices. “Aquael decided to establish cooperation with Infinite because this EDI provider offered a flexible solution fully adjusted to the intricacies of the industry. By launching EDI communication we would like, most of all, to improve the level of service for better partnership with suppliers. With Infinite EDI purchase orders and delivery notes are sent to suppliers electronically, while in return we receive e-invoices”Wojciech Zaremba, Head of procurement at Aquael, explains.

EDI communication has been already launched for tens of Aquael’s business partners. Changing the paper-based document exchange in favor of electronic data interchange translated into faster circulation of invoices and shorter order lead time. One of the key benefits of Electronic Data Interchange is the reduction of paper document volumes (purchase orders, confirmations, invoices). Cutting the costs of print-out, envelope stuffing and mailing is also visible in the bottom line.

By giving up the traditional, paper document archiving in favor of e-archiving, Aquael intends to reduce the overall expenses of document archiving. With Infinite EDI Archive the company can fully control who and when has access to documents. Moreover, Infinite EDI Archive is available 24/7.

The implementation of IT solutions by Infinite is a key part of Aquael’s integration with suppliers. By automating its business processes the company can instantly react to changeable market needs.